Friday, November 1, 2013

I voted for Epic Rap Battles of History to win Artist of the Year at the...

Friday, July 26, 2013

Food Journal - 7/26/13

Food Journal - Friday - July 26, 2013

Sweet for the day - 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
1 chocolate chip cookie (both times)

Lunch - 12:25 PM
3 of my kids fries
6 inch subway sandwich with the following:
9 grain honey oat bread
chicken, bacon, ranch
pepper jack cheese
bell pepper


So I totally did not get any exercise done yesterday, definitely going to have to get a routine going here soon. I kind of sort of have a couple of options I just do not like working out in front of everyone and right now I am staying with my mother due to my house being repaired. Not embarrassment really, just a serious lack of room because I share mine and my hubby's room with our baby boy. Everything is so cramped here. There I go making excuses, I must do better! Oh yeah and another thing, skipped breakfast this morning, hubby is going to get subway for lunch right now though. No worries, I ordered a much healthier thing than I would have before!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Food Journal - 7/25/13

Food Journal - Thursday - July 25, 2013

I will be including everything I eat and drink except for water

Breakfast - 10:45 AM(What can I say, I like to sleep in, lol)
2 Large Eggs
2 Strips Bacon

Today's Sweet/Snack - 1:05 PM
1 chocolate/vanilla pudding cup

Lunch - 3:00 PM
8ozs whole milk
1 serving macaroni and cheese

Dinner - 6:00 PM
1 serving carrots
1 serving my mother's homemade chicken pasta dinner

Illegal Snack - 10:45 PM
2 fresh out of the oven, completely homemade chocolate chip cookies.
Now see, this here is the thing I am going to have to watch. Although I feel like I have done relatively well today since this is the only thing throwing me off, but it really hurts that I ate it so late. Bleh. Must do better tomorrow. I should not be cheating already this early in the run. I got this!



So basically this blog is more for me than anyone else. I hope people really get to seeing it so that I have people to keep an eye on me as I go. I just want people out there to know that it is not impossible to lose that weight. If I have to report to anybody who reads this all day long it is motivation to continue since I have no one to consistently work out with. My husband is delighted to do things with me and is very encouraging, but we are at two very different fitness levels. I hope to see many followers and help out many woman before this is done, and even continue doing so afterwards. I have no problem if it assists a few men either, but I know that women and men generally lose weight differently. I will be posting an updated photo once a month to help show my progress.

Main Reason for Weight Loss: I can feel the fact that I am overweight in my body. My joints ache regularly, and I have a hard time doing much of anything without having to stop and catch my breath. I have so little energy to expend on my the little ones I have to care for. I have a lack of flexibility that I used to posses, which really sucks for my sex life.

Current Weight: 230 pounds

Goal Weight: 175 pounds

Monthly Goal: 6-12 pounds 

The Eating Plan: The all important part. So, let's be honest here, I LOVE food. Rather that be eating it or making it so I will be practicing portion control and a couple of changes. I will be eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner plus a snack between lunch and dinner. As for sweets and desserts I will be consuming one portion of sweets sometime early in the day. It is going to be a rough road for me and I am going to slip up more than once, but I believe I can do this.

What exactly I will be putting in this blog: EVERYTHING. I will be keeping a food journal, an exercise log, the occasional tidbit of info about my life I need to spill, recipes I like, changes I am making, and more!